How do we build a more just and resilient future?

Through Equitable Transformational Climate-smart Restorative Sustainable infrastructure.

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Communities need infrastructure that enables them to thrive. PRE Collective is expanding how effective predevelopment is done. By engaging early and often, and connecting the building blocks needed, we bond ambitious ideas, teams, and resources together to create space for transformational infrastructure investments and enduring impact.

We build

collective momentum.

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We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to define how equitable, community-centered, climate-smart infrastructure can take shape. A shared vision is essential for equity and impact. A strong workforce ensures follow through. A solid strategy for aligning funding delivers results. Together, these building blocks are the foundation of infrastructure predevelopment and the path to a more resilient and just future: brick by brick.

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Our team aims to change how public infrastructure design, planning, and funding processes can serve communities’ deepest needs and highest ambitions. We are building the field of practitioners who can implement and scale transformational infrastructure projects.

Pre Collective Brookings Institute Shalini Vajjhala